1. Introduction

Hello, and thank you for visit Art For A Purpose!

This website is established with the first purpose to connect people who have the same interests: art and social activities, such as environment, developing the country, protect women and girls...

We are an open group so if you have got the same interests with us like above, welcome to join us anytime! If you are an artist, you can share your pictures on our website. Otherwise, if you are a blogger/facebooker..., you can join our affiliate program. Please click here to register or subscribe to our newsletters!

2. What we sell?

As we are the artists, we sell our images copyright or pictures. The images can be printed on T-shirts, cups or any products. They can be use to make video clips or screensavers. Some images can be copied free for individual purposes, but must be purchased if they are used for business. In case you copy them for non-profit purposes, please note the original source or link to the image's page on our website.

3. Contact information

Your feedback or questions please send to:

Admin           : Céo
Email            : admin@artforapurpose.net/ frodzmonz@gmail.com
Phone           : +84 986967281 (+ Whatsapp/Viber)

Or click here to send message directly to us!

Thanks again for your interest in our website ♡♡♡♡♡♡ !