[Tutorial] - "Bluest eyes in Texas"

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Hi all, today I will make an eye drawing tutorial for anyone who needs UwU Here is my personal experience when painting anime eyes so everyone can refer (or not) =)))
[Tutorial] -
Step 1: Prepare a clean line art like the crush's mind when he think about you.

Bluest eyes in Texas- Image 1

Step 2: Base gently on the skin even though this is an eye-tutorial.

Bluest eyes in Texas- Image 2

Step 3: Base with the color you like for the eyes. Here I use blue because I like this color. If you don't like it, use a different color =)))

Bluest eyes in Texas- Image 3

Step 4: Use a high blend brush to paint a darker layer in the upper part of the eye in an arc shape and a lighter layer (it is recommended to use neon tones of the base color).

Bluest eyes in Texas- Image 4

Step 5: Use the color you just used for the eye shadow to make the irises.

Bluest eyes in Texas- Image 5

Step 6: Take a white brush, adjust the blend to 28 and size about 300 to fill the white shadow under the eyes, then take the original base color to cover (as shown), create a similar layer for the iris (All the places you want if you want your eyes to sparkle like you when you see a crush)

Bluest eyes in Texas- Image 6

Step 7: Use gray purple to shade the eyes + shade of skin mist:>

Bluest eyes in Texas- Image 7

Tada, that's done, wish you all success 💖💖💖



Mít Đặc 3 months ago
Cho mình hỏi cậu vẽ bằng gì thế ạ?
Ceiilia 3 months ago
Joseph là của tui 3 months ago
Céo dạo này lên tay quá 💪
Marie 3 months ago
So beautiful, thank you!
Rii Vã Bias 3 months ago
Màu xinh quá cô ơiiiiii💙 Cô dùng app gì để digi thế?
Daisy 2 months ago